Twitter Contests: Follow-Gating to Get More Followers on Twitter

A goal of running contests is getting more followers, which will ultimately lead to more customers and sales.

Like-gating is a big part of Facebook Contests. How is “Follow-Gating” done in Twitter Contests?

It is very simple: All entrants must follow a brands’ Twitter account to enter contests on their Twitter profile pages. It is a simple permission we ask for. The follow is automatically made upon entry via Twitter Connect. It is easier than Like-Gating on Facebook. A Like-Gate is an image with text telling users who don’t Like your Facebook Page that they need to like it to access the current contest. On Twitter, this step is unnecessary and will significantly reduce the drop-off rate of your contests. Sticking to just Follow-Gating for Twitter Contests is strongly recommended. To start your Twitter contest campaigns, check out Wishpond.

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