Twitter Marketing: 99 Articles to Make You a Pro

Marketing your business online means using social media. From newbies to pros, we are all learning online marketing strategies, in a constantly changing landscape. At Wishpond, one of our goals is keep our customers educated in the social media marketing practices. This extremely comprehensive list of 99 articles on twitter marketing has something for everyone. Note: This list was compiled by Gabrielle Conde, who engineers Mission: Engage -– a company helping businesses grow through content development, article writing, and copywriting. What is Twitter? Twitter in Plain English 48 Ways to Explain Twitter to Skeptics Setting up your Twitter account The Beginner’s Guide to Twitter Newbie’s Guide to Twitter Twitter and Personal Branding: The BIG Mistake I See People Make Every Single Day Why You Need a Kick Ass Twitter Background It’s OK to Have Multiple Twitter Accounts New twitter users start here Social Media Workflows Part 1: Awareness and Capture How to Start On Twitter Without Looking Like a Newbie 7 Tips for New Twitter Users Use Twitter for Your Business the Right Way How to Twitter Moving from Social Media Tactics To Your Social Business Plan Twitter Experiment Results — Swapping Person To Brand What’s up with the whole #hashtag thing? The Twitter Hash Tag: What Is It and How Do You Use It? Twitter vocabulary The Ultimate Glossary: 101 Social Media Marketing Terms Explained Can Social Media Buzz-Words Kill Your Profits? Ten Things You Must Know Before Using Twitter 25 Social Media Buzzwords … Explained Why you need to be on Twitter 12 Reasons to Start Twittering How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live Social Media Marketing: 2011 Trends Report 5 Reasons I use Twitter – (and you should too) Do You Tweet? 3 Reasons Why You Should 7 Surprising Statistics About Twitter in America 35 Ways Social Media Can Make Your Life Easier The Future of Community How a Few Tweets Led to a 370% Increase In My Traffic Twitter User Statistics Show Stunning Growth The Ten Ways Twitter Will Permanently Change American Business Big companies are doing it … Coca-Cola VP Talks About the Keys to Social Media Success 40 of the Best Twitter Brands and the People Behind Them The government is doing it too … Cornyn: Lawmakers Having to Conquer Fear of Social Media Barack Obama on Twitter What you need to know An Insider’s Guide to Social Media Etiquette Twitter Etiquette For Agencies/Freelancers The Most Important Twitter Rule of 2011 Twitter, Facebook, Groupon, and Social Media – What Online Advertisers Need to Know The Easy Button What the heck is a retweet and how do I do it? How to Get More Retweet Action on Twitter How to Increase Your Retweets, Twitter Followers & Klout How to Get Retweeted 5 Steps to Going Viral on Twitter 7 Ways to Thank Someone for a Retweet The Twitter mindset 1,000 True Fans The Four Stages of “Getting” Twitter — Infographic The Six Twitter Types New Media as Community Theater — All the World’s a Stage An Open Letter to the Social Business Industry My Recommendation About Your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn How to get Twitter followers Looking for Mr. Goodtweet: How to Pick Up Followers on Twitter Who You Gonna Follow Now? Writing Killer Content in 140 Characters or Less Why 150 Followers is All You Really Need 10 Reasons Why I Follow You on Twitter How To: Expand Your Twitter Tribe Brand management on Twitter The Evolution of Brands on Twitter Twitter, Customer Service, and Good Brand Management Lean, mean Twitter marketing strategies 62 Ways to Use Twitter for Business How to Use Twitter as a Twool TweetWhen: The Science of Timing 10 Ways Brands Can Target Moms by Fusing Online Advertising and Social Media The Only Twitter List a Business User Needs 4 Ways Companies Use Twitter for Business Are Twitter Chats Part of Your Social Media Strategy? Opportunity for Better B2B Marketing with Social Media & SEO Stop Trying to Engage Your Audience Social Media, Generosity and the Hockey Stick How To (Successfully) Break The First Rule of Social Media Prospecting on Twitter How to Use Twitter for Sales Prospecting Actively Prospecting with Twitter Two-Minute Social Media Tips: Local Prospecting with Twitter Craft eye-catching Twitter headlines The Art of Writing Great Twitter Headlines Managing Twitter Manage Multiple Accounts Without Medication Top Ten Social Media Tools for Daily Use 50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business Why There’s Nothing Wrong with Social Media Automation 4 Ways to Track Tweets 3 Steps to a Productive Life on Twitter as a Blogger Using Buffer Top 5 Twitter app alternatives for iPhone How Much Time Does Twittering Really Take? A Review of Triberr and the Spin Sucks Analytics Twitter security How To Setup HTTPS Better Security on Your Twitter Account Twitter social proof What Your Twitter Numbers Say About You, part 1 What Your Twitter Numbers Say About You, part 2 How do you increase social influence? Don’t think about the score Measuring Social Business Success Avoid being an annoying twit Ten Things You Need to Stop Tweeting About The Twitter Test Don’t Be That Guy 12 Twitter Mistakes You Should Avoid 8 Reasons for Brand Failure on Social Media (Twitter) How to Avoid Twitter Cluelessness Train Wreck! The 3 Types of Self-Destructive Corporate Tweets Don’t stop there Twitter Guide Book – How To, Tips and Instructions I Love Marketing – Episode 013: The one with Tim Ferriss Social Media Cheat Sheet 2011 Top 20 Twitip Twitter Tips of All Time! 3 Ways to Use Twitter Favorites This is a modified version of the original article posted on CopyBlogger Check out Wishpond’s Twitter Campaigns to boost your Twitter engagement using contests and promotions.

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