How Jasmine Star Photography Propels Brand Personalization via Blogging

Jasmine Star Photography, a wedding photography company run personally by Jasmine, has created an amazing social web presence. Her website and accompanying blog feature a number of sections that introduce you to Jasmine’s life, personality, and ability to capture moments with her camera, making you feel like you’ve known her your entire life.

Why it Works

On her actual webpage visitors are greeted with a personal video of Jasmine talking about her love of weddings, and the power a photograph can embody from a smiling, playful bride. We see her in-action, with camera in hand, full of life, photographing weddings with the care and loving expected from a bridesmaid. Her Life in the in Between section depicts the things that make up the life she loves. She oozes a complete affinity for life and gives you the feeling that she can capture the true happiness of your wedding day. In a styleboard format she shows off her favourite desserts, basketball team, and her husband. The in-common items between the viewer and Jasmine create an immediate personal connection, and make viewers feel like they’ve known Jasmine their whole lif

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