What Happens When Brands Have Nothing Left to Say about their Product: They turn to the Absurdity that only Social Media Allows

There are only so many attributes to discuss when trying to market long-established products like Mentos and Skittles. Even when the scientific properties of a product are exhausted, the only thing to do is produce illogical vignettes of easily digestible content.


Mentos has created Dragee, a spiritually-guided man who stars in his own online series, My Positive Mind With Dragee, with his bumbling friend Rick. He tries, unsuccessfully, to complete absurd activities like walking across a busy street or hugging cobras through the power of positivity (and the Mentos he eats right before). Fans can view these videos on Mentos` own Facebook Page and the DrageeIsHere YouTube channel. For those who don`t know, a dragée is a form of confectionary that can be used for decorative or symbolic purposes in addition to consumption – kind of like Mentos.


Skittles has been deep into social media since 2009. On Mar. 28, 2011 it launched the Skittles Touch series on YouTube. The series engages viewers by having them place their finger on a specific part of the screen where it becomes an integral part of the video. In one video your finger physically stops a car and helps foil a robbery.

Bottom Line for Local Business

No matter what your product, marketing through easily digestible content is possible. You just need to find the type of content that is desirable to your target audience, even if it has nothing to do with your product. If you sell baby products, you can attract the cat-loving portion of your target audience by making videos of cute kittens playing with your products to pull that segment into your online presence and present those users with a visible call to action. Check out www.youtube.com/skittlespage to check out the Touch Me campaign videos first-hand.

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