Announcing Etsy Integration for Wishpond Social Store

Wishpond Social Store for Etsy We are really pleased to announce that our Wishpond Social Store app now has full Etsy integration. Etsy is the world’s handmade marketplace, with more than 14 million people buying and selling handmade creations, and we think it is pretty cool. Ever since we launched the Wishpond Social Store app we had Etsy integration on our to-do list. We are really stoked to have finally ticked it off. In the first 24 hours of the app being live on the Etsy App Gallery we have already had more than 100 installs. If you are one of the awesome Etsy users that has installed our Social Store app you may also like to join our Etsy team. We will be hanging out there giving users help, tips & tricks, and getting your feedback. Here are a few examples of Etsy stores that have installed our Social Store app since it went live:

Felt on the Fly

Felt on the Fly Facebook Storefront

Veronique Godbout verodreams paintings

Veronique Godbout verodreams paintings Facebook Storefront

Kee’s Jewelry Box

Kee's Jewelry Box Facebook Storefront

Chickadee Candle Company

Chickadee Candle Company Facebook Storefront

Rusty Wire Studio

Rusty Wire Studio Facebook Storefront

Venne Art

Venne Art Facebook Storefront A big welcome to all our new Etsy retailers – we hope that you guys enjoy using our app, and would love to hear your feedback. Keep an eye out for more integrations coming in the near future.

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