Three reasons you should be running special offers for your Facebook fans

special offer tags One of the biggest questions businesses have about investing in building their Facebook likes (or a following on any social network) is how these audiences can be effectively converted into customers. We think we have a pretty good answer to this question, so read on to find out the three reasons that running special offers on Facebook is a great way to turn your fans into customers.

Exclusive offers give your fans what they want

A significant amount of research has gone into what motivates people to become fans of businesses and brands on Facebook and other social networks. The most common answer is that people are looking for exclusive offers. Giving people exclusive offers on Facebook is what they are looking for. Here’s a quick sample of the research results that support this:

Great offers spread, fast

Because people are anticipating special offers, they are likely to participate when they are presented with them. Not only that, but offers are something that people love to share with friends. People love being the one that helps their friends take advantage of a great offer on something that they love. This helps you reach new customers – friends of your existing customers.

Exclusive offers convert your fans into active customers

When you spend so much time and effort building your fan base you want to make sure that you are converting them into active customers. There is no better way to motivate someone to become a customer than by giving them a limited time, exclusive offer. They are already a fan of your products or services. They just need the motivation to buy there and then. You can quickly, easily, and cost effectively create and run exclusive offers for your Facebook fans using our Social Offers application. Watch this quick video to find out exactly how Wishpond Social Offers can help you:

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