[HOW TO] 3 Ways to use Wishpond Social Buttons to Increase your Ecommerce Sales

  What the heck is a Wishpond Social Button? Think of it as a super-charged Like button: 1. A shopper clicks 2. A personalized post is shared to Facebook about your product 3. The shopper’s unique social data is collected in your Wishpond Dashboard. What do you mean social data? Social data includes a shopper’s age, gender, location and Facebook Likes. How can I use it to increase my Ecommerce Sales 1. Get Personal Social Recommendations So you have Like buttons on your site. But those Likes don’t say much about your brand or products – and they mostly get washed away with all the other likes for Tide and Pepsi. But what if you could customize your Likes to make them more personalized? What if customers could really say what they’re thinking about your products – not just that they like it but that they actually “Dig” it, are “Wearing” it, or are “LOLing” about it (in a good way). This would create a stand-out social recommendation. Wishpond Social Buttons allow just this – clicks that share a shopper’s exact feelings about your products & brand. Instead of the usual Like post that reads “Sarah Likes a Red Dress”, Social Button posts include an entire product description, title and image that will allow friends of the shopper to see what their friend is checking out and how they feel about it. This creates a widespread social recommendation and ultimately new referred customers. 2. Understand who your customers really are Right now your marketing targets a certain niche – but other than the fact that some are buying your products you don’t know much else about them. Does your targeting match to who the shoppers on your website really are? Social Buttons gives a complete demographic, geographic & interest-based breakdown of who your shoppers are by pulling their social data into your Wishpond Dashboard from Facebook every time they click – which is slated for release within 7 days. In your Dashboard you can see which age and gender your shoppers are, where they live and what they’re interested in. You can filter, segment and analyze to find who your customers really are and who you’re marketing effort should really be targeting? This can be especially helpful in optimizing your Facebook & Google Ads – which allow you to target by these demographic, geographic and interest-based metrics. For example – instead of guessing what your shoppers are interested in you can now know exactly what they like and target that specific interest to get more shoppers who have the same one. This will greatly increase your conversion rates and decrease your ad-spending. 3. Send highly-targeted & converting emails In your Dashboard you can create targeted customer segment and then export email lists via CSV to any email service, including MailChimp and AWeber. You will know be able to personalize your emails in an unprecedented fashion by knowing more about how they think and what they like. You can target based on different interests including sports, politics and education. You can even target your shoppers who like your competitors and offer direct incentives to only them to create customers loyal to you.   Try Wishpond Social Buttons free for 30 days

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Nick is the Director of Marketing at Wishpond.

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