How to Use Facebook Ads to Boost Your Campaign

Which type of Facebook Ad should I run?

Facebook Advertising is a powerful platform to target new users and to give your campaign a boost! Are you trying to reach your audience, but no one seems to know your campaign exists? Here are simple ways to get your campaign promoted on Facebook for everyone to see. Lets look at 2 Facebook Ads to Boost your Campaign: 1. Promoted Post 2. Promoted Page Post

 Promoted Post

These ads appear in the middle of a Facebook user’s News Feed. This optimizes your campaign’s efficiency being seen by others.    


If you have 500+ fans you can run a Promoted Post

      How to Make a Promoted Post:
  1. Make a post on your Facebook Page that includes a link to your campaign
  2. Click “Promote Post” in the bottom-right corner of the post (shown above)
  3. Set your budget
Remember: Promoted Posts last for 3 days, so you need to make a new one every 3 days

 Promoted Page Post

If you have under 500 fans, Facebook does not allow you to run Promoted Posts, but you can run a Promoted Page Post (Yes – it is different than a Promoted Post). These types of ads appear in the sidebar of Facebook, opposed to the News Feed in the middle. While not as effective as Promoted Posts, for Pages less than 500 fans they are your best option.    

If you have < 500 fans use a Promoted Page Post

    How to Make a Promoted Page Post:
  1. Make a post on your Facebook Page that includes a link to your campaign
  2. Go to
  3. Select your Facebook Page
  4. Select Promote Page Posts
Who should I target in my Promoted Page Post? There are two groups:
  1. Target Your Competitors Facebook Fans: You can target those users with the Precise Interests feature. In this field you can enter your competitors’ names and target their Facebook fans.
  2. Target Broad Categories: You can also target based on Broad Categories, including Maritial Status, wider interests like “Food & Drink” and “Jazz/Blues” music
Pro Tip: Keep your audience to approximately 100,000 people – this is the optimal size of a group to target.
  • If you’re over 100,000: Limit the ages and geography to your most targeted groups and decrease the number of Precise Interests you have selected
  • If you’re under 100,000: Add more Precise Interests to target a larger number of users who have interests related to your business/industry
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