Valentines Day Edition: Connect With Customers and Clients

One of the important aspects of social media is communication between your business and your customers/clients. With a push in the right direction, people will feel more inclined to communicate with your business in social communities. Give fans a reason to interact with your business.
  • What aspect(s) of your business do your fans love the most?
  • What are their hobbies?
  • Do your customers love low prices?
  • What about quality customer service?
Starbucks shows a connection between employees and customers ↓ Victoria’s Secret takes note of everyone who looks forward to the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. In this example, they get the Angels from the fashion shows to respond to tweets about their plans on Valentine’s Day. Fans anticipate the response eagerly from the Angels.   Share a fan’s photo of your product/service.
  • Make a connection between your business and the holiday. Incorporate your brand, product, or service without being promotional. These types of posts are more likely to become viral because fans feel It’s for their entertainment value as opposed to your businesses profit.
  • *NOTE: Doing this during other times of the year is also encouraged. It doesn’t have to be a holiday to share your appreciation of your fans!
  • If you don’t have any of your fans photos incorporating your business, you can find a way to do it yourself. It’s just as effective, although it requires more work on your part.
Find a creative way to use your product/service to celebrate Valentine’s Day.
  • Burberry uses some fabric to create a heart shape. Then they simply wish their fans a Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Starbucks used their Valentine’s Day merchandise to tell their fans they love them. A very simple concept sent an efficacious message.
Thank them after asking for feedback.
  • Your customers will feel great knowing that you appreciate their business, and it goes a long way after getting them to help you out. Even if the post doesn’t result in a lot of likes or comments, it’s still valuable to express your gratitude.
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