Retailers Guide to Growth on Facebook: Strategy

Did You Know? Having done your research it pays to sit down and spend some time on your Facebook marketing strategy before diving right in. This helps ensure that the effort you and your team put in to your Facebook Page is directed toward achieving some specific, measurable goals.

What will you use your page for?

This might seem like a silly question, but setting some high level objectives for your presence on Facebook is extremely important. Having checked out your competitors you have hopefully got a rough idea of what you might be able to achieve (although don’t let that constrain your ambitions too much!). You can very easily spend significant time and money building a Facebook community, so you want to make sure that you are devoting these resources to achieving objectives that are closely tied to those of your business.

How will you measure your progress?

Once you have defined the objectives for your page, you need to come up with some metrics to measure your progress toward achieving these objectives. Some examples of measures that you may want to use:

Who will be responsible for managing your page?

It is important to define some clear roles and responsibilities when it comes to managing your presence on Facebook. If you are an owner/operator then this is obviously a simple task, but if you are expecting multiple people to contribute to and manage your page then this gets a little more difficult. In general, it is a good idea to give one person overall responsibility for the management of the page, and ensure that they have enough time to do this job properly. If you are getting more people involved then this person will need to ensure that content posted is appropriate, timed correctly, and contributes to your overall objectives.

What is your brand personality?

Getting a collective understanding of your brand personality is particularly important if you have a team contributing to your Facebook Page. One of the best ways to get your fans engaged is to show some personality, and not be afraid to have some fun. Ensuring that all those involved in creating and managing content for your Facebook Page have an understanding of what is appropriate (and what isn’t) will ensure that they are able to show that personality without damaging your brand.

How will people find your page?

Something that is often forgotten in the rush to create your shiny new Facebook Page is just how people will discover your page. There are hundreds of great, creative things you could potentially do to get the word out, but you should always start with the basics, things like: It is also worth noting here that the search function on Facebook is far from perfect. Don’t rely on people being able to find your new page by searching for it. Check out “Retailers Guide to Growth on Facebook: Analysis & Research”

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