7 Tips for Using Instagram for Business.

Instagram, the rapidly-growing photo sharing community, can boost your business’s exposure, increase brand recognition and build demand for your products and services. With over 100 million users, businesses are increasingly turning to Instagram to engage consumers and boost their brands. The image-based social network, available on iPhone and Android smartphones, boasts more than 100 million users.Many brands like Starbucks, MTV and some others are the most successful Instagrammers. You can use the best practices in order to see how to build your community.

1. Show Your Products.

Promote mobile window-shopping by using Instagram to show off a collection of your products. Photos attract users, but conversations engage them. If your small business is service-oriented, show off the supplies and equipment that are essential to the services you provide. For example, show off your favourite workout gear if fitness is your business, or reveal you’re most impressive lenses if you are a photographer.

2. Show What Your Products Can Do.

Use Instagram to increase demand by showing customers ways to use your products. Engage your followers by inviting user-generated content. Conduct a Instagram Contest in order to engage your target. The users can share their photos using your product on them. If your business is service-oriented, show the impact of your work with before and after shots (interior design, makeup).

3. Show How It’s Made.

Customers have a natural curiosity about where their products come from, and you can use Instagram to show the origins of all their favorite products. Make photos during the manufacturing process, include also planning and delivery.

4. Introduce Your Employees.

Introducing your followers to the people who keep your company going humanizes your brand. Cast the Instagram spotlight on special employees, and use the caption to share a bit about the employee. Make spotlighting an ongoing campaign that features staff from different departments within your company to put a human face on your brand.

5. Expand your audience.

Connect Instagram to your other social networks and use relevant hashtags (#yourbrandhere) to make it easier for people to find your account.

6. Communicate directly with users.

Ask questions in your photo caption, and respond to comments.

7. Make users anticipate.

Share teaser photos that satisfy curiosity but build anticipation for your new releases, office openings or stores. Keeping customer interest is an essential part of an effective marketing campaign. Reward your loyal followers by letting them be the first to know about new products, services or events.

Written by Nick Steeves

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