Facebook Marketing for Jewellery & Accessory Retailers

Facebook is perfect for promoting jewellery & accessories. It serves your customers like an online catalogue. Fans can browse through your items easily and accessibly, while making purchases instantly. It’s also the perfect place to show off your brand’s personality and target your market. In this article, we will show you how easy it is to get into online social marketing, how successful you can be in the digital sphere, and how you can create easy social promotions to reach the markets you dreamed about. What ROI can you achieve through Facebook Marketing?
  • Increased Fans & Long-Term Followers
  • Increased Sales
  • Engaged Fans
  • Hyper-Targeted Campaigns
How can you achieve this ROI? 1. Create Engaging Content for your Target Audience 2. Create a Facebook Store. 3. Run Contests. 4. Collect Detailed Analytics to Hyper-Target Campaigns

1) Create Engaging Content for your Target Audience

Your ROI: Increased Fans & Long-Term Followers Through great and engaging content you will not only gain new fans but maintain the ones you have. This will allow followers to become familiar with your brand and build up your presence on Facebook. a) Make Daily Posts. Timeline Photos are key to a jewellery & accessories brand because they visually capture your attention. Isn’t that the point of jewellery? Add your description of the pieces to the photos and avoid making simple wall posts.
  • Timeline Photo Examples: Tiffany & Co.
  • Interactive Timeline Photo Example: Tiffany & Co. asked fans to post a photo and description of ‘What makes love true?’. This is a great way to keep the communication lines open with fans and show that you care.
  • Post Photos of your Items on people: : It’s better for customers to see the items on someone so they can visualize it on themselves. 1) Tuula (popular fashion blogger) promoting Oscar de la Renta accessories: Clutch & Ring.  2) By Benedicthe a small Norwegian business designer modeling her: Necklaces.
1)   2) b) Show That You Care. Interact with posts, questions, and contests. Be up-to-date. Show fans  that you are updating your page, keeping up interactions and maintain a Facebook presence.
  • Example: Kate Spade and Hermés give seasonal greetings, which are simple ways to show you are up-to-date.
c) Drive Your Sales in Subtle Ways. No one likes to be suffocated by “Buy Now!” slogans, to the customer it will seem like they are potential targets to a desperate money-hungry business. Its a huge customer turn off and they will most likely drop from your page. According to The New York Times “The best practitioners make Facebook less about selling and more about interacting.” (Pattison 2009). Instead show models wearing your items in a seasonal photo shoot or show videos of what the jewelry/accessory looks like on or show a video on how to tie your scarf in 10 different ways or fashion trends that compliment your items. d) Write Interesting Information. Keep your profile up-to-date with seasonal trends, photos, & greetings. Provide commentary on daily events if it is relevant to your business. Give them something interesting to talk about and in return you will gain more fans & potential clients. Even post things that are irrelevant to your business but would be interesting to your fans. When people feel like your business cares about them, they will stay connected with you on Facebook.
  • Example: Hermés, one of the biggest names in accessories, shows videos on how to knot a Tie or something completely irrelevant like a recipe to make Courgette. But its things like this that engage fans.
  How will I know more about what my fans are interested in? Start your 7 day Free Trial to get analytics of what your fans are interested in. Our analytics show you their top liked pages. This allows you to create interaction on irrelevant topics to your company, but engaging information to your fans. 

2) Create a Facebook Store

Your ROI: Increased Sales. Fans can purchase right on your page or be linked to your ecommerce store. Even if a customer doesn’t buy from your facebook store right away, it gives your collections more exposure for fans to browse through your items and become familiar with your brand. A Facebook store is another avenue for your fans to purchase right on your page. The way a Facebook store looks makes it easy to purchase with large icons, simple information and a price tag. Use a 3rd Party App like Wishpond to easily setup your store to your Facebook tab bar.
  • Example: By clicking on the above ‘Shop’ icon, fans can purchase from your page (shown below).
  • 3rd Party Apps can crawl your website to sync your items to your Facebook store with real-time updates. This will defer any problems that might occur if there is a price change because it will sync automatically.
Create your Wishpond Social Store. At Wishpond we have made it super easy to use and manage. You can also read How to Create a Facebook Store to see how easy it is using our apps. Plus some extra tips.

3) Run Contests

Your ROI: Engaged Fans. By running contests you are rewarding existing fans and engaging new ones. Meanwhile, your business is promoted all over facebook through our like-gating option that requires entrants to like your page in order to enter the contest. Auto-sharing immediately kicks in and posts your content to the entrants’ wall & their friend’s News Feed. This spreads your brand name to a wider audience and entices people to become your business advocate. a) Create Interactive Contests Only for Facebook fans with exclusive designs and offers. One on the main reasons people become a fan of a page is to receive the exclusive offers. 3rd party apps like Wishpond, allow you to create contests suitable to your brand. The contests run by Wishpond give you deeper analytics about your clients to better target your market; like demographic, gender, potential customers, views, their interests through pages they like and more. b) Like-Gate Contests This requires entrants to ‘like’ your page in order to claim an offer or enter a contest. This will gain you new fans fast. At Wishpond we have auto-sharing imbedded in our apps, which means that when an entrant enters your contest by ‘liking’ your page it will show on their wall & their friends’ News Feed. This is key in gaining new fans. c) ‘Enter your Email’ on Contests. This helps you build your mailing list. If you use Wishpond’s Social apps, everytime you create a new contest on your Facebook page, an email will be sent to your fans about the new contest they can enter. This keeps fans in the loop about your new offers.
  • Example: Small start up jewellery business, By Benedicthe iwas established last year in 2012. It is made by a Norwegian designer and brand. I am going to show you how she could promote her jewellery store to optimize fan growth. Currently she has 301 Fans.
Lets look at the contests that will help drive traffic to By Benedicthe. Create a Social Offer. Social offers are a great way to reward fans and drive traffic to your page with a discount. Like-gate your offer. Once an entrant likes your page and enters their email they can ‘Claim offer’. An automatic email will be sent to claim their offer either in store or on their website. Very simple and rewarding for you & the client.
  • Offer: “30% off a Red Rebell Necklace – By Benedicthe”.
Create a Sweepstakes. Sweepstakes have the lowest barrier to entry rate. This means you can gain more fans faster and the contest is spread all over Facebook, giving your brand more exposure and more potential customers. Sweepstakes are also the perfect way to market your business on Twitter. Make it a requirement for the entrant to ‘Tweet’ it in order to win. This will gain you more exposure on more social media outlets.
  • Sweepstakes: “Win a $265 Necklace, Black Night – By Benedicthe!’
  • Tweet. Automatically the Tweet says ‘I am in the draw, …” with a link to the contest for other tweeters to enter too. All the entrant has to do is click ‘Tweet’.
Create a Photo Contest. This is a great tool to engage fans. Photo contests are interactive. This is perfect if you want to create conversation with your fans. It allows you to show that you care about them and that you are interested in what they have to share. All an entrant has to do is upload a photo, write a description, enter their email and submit their entry. Plus its fun for fans to see the other fans’ photos. At Wishpond you can create:
  • Sweepstakes
  • Photo Contest
  • Offer
  • Vote Contest
  • Video Contest
  • Essay Contest
  • Photo Caption Contest
  • Pinterest Contest

4) Collect Detailed Analytics to Hyper-Target Campaigns

Your ROI: Hyper-Targeted Campaigns. Hyper target campaigns from the analytics you receive on your contests and you can create more effective and efficient campaigns. You can tailor campaigns and segment them to targeted groups. This keeps information relevant to your customers and keeps them engaged. At Wishpond we give you full analytics on all of your contests. Target customers using Wishpond’s Intelligence tab. You can see potential reach, views, fans, age, gender, location, and top ‘Liked’ pages. a) Create Segmented Campaigns. Segmented campaigns allow you to target certain groups of people, either based on gender, location, age, or ‘Likes’.
  • Example. Target Gender: Create a campaign that will appeal to girls and send out a mass email to your fans that are women,” 70% off all clutches and handbags!”. Likewise, create a separate campaign that will appeal to men, “50% off cufflinks and ties!” .
  • Below is what our ‘Create Customer Segment’ look like in our Intelligence tab:
b) Top ‘Likes’ Analytics. Are you wondering what to engage your fans with that may not be related to jewellery or accessories? At Wishpond we provide you with data on the most popular pages your fans ‘Like’.
  • For Example, if you see that a top liked page is ‘Beauty & Make-up’, post make-up tutorials and say how that look will go perfectly with a pair of your earrings. This will provide interesting information for your fans and keep them engaged with your brand.

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