Wishpond Launches New Video Contest App For Retailers and Brands

Businesses Can Now Actively Engage and Reach Their Fans and Customers on Mobile, Web and Social Channels With Contests That Award Video Content

Video Contest App

Video Contest App

Quote start“On Facebook, videos are shared 12X more than links and text posts combined,” said Ali Tajsekandar, CEO of Wishpond. “Our Video Contest app is a simple way to get users sharing videos of their stories and experiences with a brand’s products…”Quote end
Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) January 15, 2013 Wishpond today announced the launch of its Video Contest app, the only app of its kind that allows retailers and brands to create contests that harness the power of videos on their Facebook Pages, websites and mobile, helping to boost a company’s reach and engagement. For example, a kitchenware store can entice users to create a video of themselves making their favorite dessert with their products. Entrants will be encouraged to invite their friends to vote for their entry to win – pushing the contest’s reach throughout a person’s entire social network. To find out more about the Video Contest app, please check out /video-contest/
Maximize Video Contests on Facebook, Mobile and Web Channels
The Video Contest app boosts Wishpond’s All-In-One Marketing Suite by adding a new way for merchants to entice users to share their videos across all mobile, Web, and social channels. Merchants can now run multi-channel campaigns in tandem. For example, a business can run a Video Contest along with a Photo Contest at the same time on Facebook and Twitter to maximize user participation across different channels
Wishpond’s Video Contest App also integrates directly with the Wishpond Analytics Dashboard. Merchants can use their Analytics Dashboard to analyze and send targeted emails about the contest to customers by groups based on age, gender, location and “Likes” data points that are pulled via the Facebook Open Graph. Better yet, Merchants can watch real-time analytics for each Video Contest on their Campaign Report Page within their Wishpond Merchant Admin and even have the ability to moderate inappropriate entries in their contests.
Wishpond’s Video Contest app includes a robust package of capabilities:
  • Merchants can entice users to share video stories about their experiences using their products
  • Built-in voting pushes entrants to share their entries with friends on their social networks to get more votes and boost the reach of each contest
  • The app is integrated with Facebook’s Open Graph which allows the app to publish the “Enter” and “Vote” actions to users Facebook Timelines to give the contest reach to their entire Facebook network
  • Merchants can add a “like-gate” to help grow their fans on their Facebook Page
  • Like with all Wishpond contests, merchants can download all of the entrants’ email addresses to add to their email list.

“On Facebook, videos are shared 12X more than links and text posts combined,” said Ali Tajsekandar, CEO of Wishpond. “Our Video Contest app is a simple way to get users sharing videos of their stories and experiences with a brand’s products across multiple channels, leading to more engagement and traffic on each of their online properties.”
Video Contest App Rounds Out Wishpond’s All-In-One Marketing Suite
Wishpond offers more than a dozen online marketing apps that cover everything from social promotions to customer engagement and analytics to ads and distribution. Here are a few of the apps Wishpond currently offers in its All-in-one Marketing Suite: Pinterest Contest
  • Invite users to create a Pinterest board and vote on their favorites to win
Vote Contest
  • Marketers can engage users to vote on their favorite photos/candidates entered by them
Photo Caption Contest
  • Marketers can engage users to write captions for their photos and vote on their favorites
  • Deploy a simple grand prize draw to entice users to become fans and join email lists
Pinterest Tab
  • Showcase boards and pins on Facebook Pages and websites
Social Store
  • Showcase products on Facebook Pages to turn fans into customers.
and many more… Pricing Single User Access to Wishpond’s entire Marketing Suite from $29/m. Agencies Rates from $195/m. Shopping Center, White Label and Full-Service options are available upon request. See https://www.wishpond.com for product details and full pricing.
About Wishpond At Wishpond, we believe there is a way to make online marketing easy. By providing the broadest set of online marketing tools available into our All-in-One Marketing Suite, we empower retailers and brands to attract, engage, understand and grow their customer base across mobile, social, online and local channels.
Wishpond is a privately held company. Since its inception in 2009 Wishpond has grown to help more than 17,000 customers in North America and globally to effectively drive customer growth and engagement through online marketing channels.

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