Improving Management Practices with Google Plus

With the additional of multiple managers for each Google Plus Business Page, there exists a need for proper management practices. We’ve written an article that covers the basics on adding another manager to your Google Plus Business Page. Here are some ways to properly manage the managers of your Google Plus Business Page for optimum results. Understanding the Rights and Responsibilities of a Manager While both the owner and any managers have posting privileges over the account, they are not the same thing. The owner is one level above a manager, as such, they have special administrative rights that the manager does not. For example, the owner can choose to delete many parts of the profile, whereas a manager can only delete a community. As for any position with responsibility, only award trustworthy employees with the title of manager! As for responsibilities, it is important to discuss the managers’ privileges so as to avoid any gaffes or drama in the future. For example, managers should be briefed on the types of content they should be submitting, the frequency of submissions, or measures to deal with unruly or unhappy followers. Build a Strong Consistent Brand Image on your Google Plus Business Page A Google Plus Business Page is just like any other type of communication medium, and as such, must not be treated carelessly. Explain to your managers the central theme of your page and ensure that everyone strives to uphold the central brand message portrayed by the business page. Drawing out a Plan for Google Plus Circles Google Plus Circles is a powerful tool that allows companies to interact directly with different audiences. In the most extreme case, every individual circle (and there can be many) will require their own personalized message. Thus, it is paramount that there is a plan beforehand and that all managers know and understand their roles when dealing with Google Plus Circles. Looking for a way to promote your business online? Why not take a look at Wishpond’s social media services? Source:

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