How to Boost Your Number of Followers on Instagram

The visual communication is a much-discussed now: Instagram, video sharing apps, visual storytelling and much more. Visual content allows you to quickly convey the core of your message and instant photo sharing has become increasingly popular. Instagram today has more than 30 million followers and more people join the network everyday. People discuss that so much is that we think brands should highly prioritize this way of creating user engagement in their social media strategies in order to build a strong brand identity. So if your brand has a visual content that you can share, you should certainly consider joining the platform. However, it is not an easy task to be successful on Instagram. To create a strong visual identity and attract followers to your Instagram account you must imperatively treat this platform as any of your other social media presences. You should not open an Instagram account for your brand if you don’t plan on being serious about it, as it might just destroy the brand image. Here is some advises on to how to build a strong presence on Instagram and attract more followers.

Interact With Your Followers

Interacting with your other Instagram users by following, commenting and liking photos will raise attention to your account and make you gain more followers. Follow people who take photos that you think match your brand. Don’t just follow back any person who follows your account, but choose them carefully. If you don’t know who to follow, you can always find them clicking “popular tab”. Comment and like selected followers’ photos. People are always happy when someone likes their photo or comment on a photo. Again, avoid doing this too often and do not like just every photo they take. As people can see which photos you have liked, it will look like a spam if you like too many photos. The point of commenting and liking photos is not only to engage with followers, it’s also a way to make people aware of your existence. Mention people using the @ such as the person on the picture or the one who has taken the picture. This is also a good way to show appreciation of important followers.

Use Popular And Specific Hashtags

Use the hashtag function to start conversations about different subjects significant to your brand and indicate the theme of the photo – but don’t over do it. Use just one or two hashtags in one picture. If you use too many hashtags, you risk losing followers as it takes up too much space in their news feed. Look through hashtags your followers use on Instagram, if there are some relevant to your brand try to use it also. At the moment popular hashtags could be #summer #spring and so on.

Plan Your Content

Once you’ve gained followers, you will need to keep them. You must plan and manage your content, listen to your users and engage with them in order to maintain the amount of your followers. Plan your content a head, you should also post unplanned photos, if you consider them to be more relevant. Find the right posting rhythm and post regularly but not too often, and don’t post many photos at the same time. Followers will see it as spam and you can lose followers. Also you should monitor which photos are the most popular on Instagram in order to know what people are interested in at the moment and consider what makes them popular. Post similar photos like photos that generate the most comments and likes. You might also want to consider a Instagram Contest to increase your visibility.

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