How to Use Instagram for Business: A Beginner’s Guide

A thousand words can be changed by one picture, and mobile app Instagram is proof of it. Users can take shots, adjust them as they like, and share them to all their friends on Instagram and other social media platforms. Instagram is attractive opportunity for businesses to brand themselves and attract more followers.

Instagram for Business Marketing

If you create a company Instagram account and if you have other social media accounts, you can publish your photos on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, Posterous, and Foursquare, or send them to email addresses. Instagram users can choose to “follow” your company account. They will see your photos in their feed and it allows them to “like,” comment on, or Retweet your company’s photos, allowing them to go viral.There are a lot of outdoor ads that promote Instagram accounts of companies in order to raise the number of followers on Instagram. Example, they can place a billboard with a photo from Instagram and write below: “click on an image to view information about the new Instagram Contest on an Instagram page”.

Instagram for Business: How Does It Differ From Other Image Blogs?

You can add filters to their photos – this is the unique feature among others. You can create a specific color, shade, and look for your photos to match the message or mood that you want your audience to sense. Don’t limit yourself on the types of images that you post; be creative and show the connection between the image and your brand.

Put Your Business on the Map

You can find your fans on Instagram in such a way;Instagram users may already be posting images related to your brand. Just go to your Instagram app and tap “Profile” in the menu at the bottom of your screen. Tap “Search Instagram” and then “Tags.” Type in the name of your company/brand and let the images load. You can Retweet these images to enhance the community feeling around your brand.Make sure to geotag your photos. In other words, make sure to note where your photos were taken before uploading them to your account. Your company’s location on the map is another valuable entry point for potential followers. Your Instagram account is also viewable on the web on Webstagram. The URL for your Instagram account is simply Users can browse your photos on their computers, and not just their mobile devices. Instagram for business is only growing; start capturing more mindshare today with this fun and fairly simple set-up.

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