Mobile Market Business Opportunities: Customer Engagement

One of the ways that mobile marketing sets itself apart from other traditional forms of marketing is that it is so closely tied to the users at hand. In today’s technological climate, many people carry their smartphones with them everywhere, giving marketers the opportunity to contact them at any point in time. Here are some tips on how to maximize customer engagement using mobile marketing. Price Comparison is Inevitable, so make it easier for customers If you are a local storefront, the necessity of web-optimization is more evident than ever. According to HubSpot, 40% of U.S smartphone owners use their phones to compare prices while shopping. Make it easy for them to do so by putting the most relevant information on the front of your mobile sites. If they cannot find what they are looking for, they may move on to another store. Encourage Mobile Reviews With the ever-growing popularity of online review websites like Yelp and Urbanspoon, gaining positive reviews of your establishment makes a significant impact on incoming sales. If you are confident in your products and services (and you really should be), make sure you encourage store visitors to review the store online if they had a good experience. Conversely, make a conscious effort to monitor any negative reviews and see if there are any underlying problems that need to be addressed before others are driven away. No matter how good your mobile marketing strategy is, the business, products, and services underneath should be sound. Tie Texting and QR codes into your Mobile Marketing Business Strategy Once again, if you have a local storefront, encourage people to send a text message or scan a QR code. A simple way of doing this is to tie a quick promotional deal to it. Sometimes a quick 5% discount off the purchase is worth it to get a person’s mobile contact information. Streamline the process by putting information and the QR code itself right at the cash register so that people who are waiting in line can see it. To find out about how to make a QR code,Wishpond offers comprehensive mobile promotions, including QR codes. Make the most of Location-Based Services Encourage people to check in on location-based services like Foursquare. By putting a promotional deal on Foursquare, you can gain valuable information about your customers such as identifying regular customers and how often they visit you. A Nintendo 3DS handheld video game system also has a similar function, where any other 3DS consoles nearby will share information with each other. The next time the user turns on their machine, they will see your store’s mascot and a personalized message. The benefit extends both ways, as you will be able to see your customers’ icons and their interests and hobbies, as well as visit information. Optimize your Emails for Mobile Although there is a lot of talk about web and promotion optimization, another area to consider is email optimization. Ensure that your emails look good on a mobile devices and keep them short and sweet. If the consumer doesn’t realize the brand and the call to action within a couple of seconds of reading the email, it may be time to simplify your approach. Looking for a way to promote your business online? Why not take a look at Wishpond’s social promotions? Source –

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