Tracking and Measuring your Mobile Advertising Campaign

As with any marketing initiative, it is important to be able to track and measure the success of any given mobile advertising campaign. Here are a list of things to look out for. Mobile Messaging Look at the type of mobile device carrier, device identifier, timestamp, response history for specific numbers, and URL link conversions. Mobile Apps Analysis of mobile apps can be challenging just because of the sheer amount of variables that can affect applications. Furthermore, some of the data points may be within the apps themselves. Mobile Ads Like other ads, mobile ads are measured in terms of how many people view them. However, how this is tracked can depend on what is used as the “trigger” for the ad. Common ad trackers are 1×1 pixel image, a Javascript code, or the ad itself. Mobile Context The context of a user’s mobile experience also reveals a lot to marketers. Just imagine what analyzing any of the below context points can tell you about your consumers and your campaigns. mobuile data contextual information Cross-Media Impact Integration of mobile and traditional advertising campaigns is becoming more and more common, such as QR codes on print advertising. It is important to measure the effects that this combination has on the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. Looking for a way to promote your business online? Why not take a look at Wishpond’s social media services? Source –

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