Effective Instagram Marketing

Instagram is the social network that proves there is still room for smaller social networks to be successful. Instagram offers a great social platform, particularly for brands and marketers. Here are a few advises on how to use Instagram in a right way and find a free room for your company, because there are so many companies doing it right! Post actual photo

Don’t populate your feed with photos of text giving people facts or other information. Instagram’s users communicate by posting photos, but they still should be photos. Take and share real photos. If you need to add text, consider using Overgram to add text carefully.

Take it slow

Nothing is worse than following an account that decides to post 25 photos in 5 minutes.You may have a service or have much to share, but keep it limited and share only your best photos. It enriches your followers experience and benefits you. If you’d like to combine photos, apps like Diptic and Fuzel can create a collage. You can export them straight to Instagram to make photos even more attractive by telling people a story.

Pump the stock brakes

People don’t like to see stock images ( billboard etc.), they need to get really expensive shots of your menu items and hotel rooms. If you’re going to represent a brand on Instagram, give it flavor. Instagram is about gritty, on-the-go images that take us behind closed doors.

Involve your followers

Brands such as Red Bull or Audi have mastered creating communities on Instagram using hashtags and Instagram Contests that get users to interact with their products and brand by connecting to their lifestyle and emotions. You can give away a series of gift cards to people who posts photos of them “photo of the day” and use a special hashtag to enter. Smart digital communications.

Comment back

It’s important to interact with people in Instagram. It’s a network largely based on the emotions that a photo provides, and that emotions includes conversation (in the form of comments) made regarding the photos. Try to make communication a two way street and people will be excited not just to follow you, but to interact with you.

The most important thing to remember is that people use Instagram as a new scope to see the world around them. Make your content real and followers will follow you, furthermore they will follow your brand/products right there.

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