WishpondSC Photo Contest

WishpondSC Photo Contest is a fun way to promote your centers events, activities and engage your shoppers in a friendly online competition. With Wishpond Photo Contest you can engage your shoppers like never before, have them be the content and promote your center with pictures. Wishpond Shopping Center Photo Contest promotes organic growth throughout all social channels as entrants reach out to their friends to ensure that they get the most votes! Great to promote events, activities or pick a seasonal theme and watch as your shoppers shine behind the camera.

Photo Entry Moderation

Wishpond Photo Contest enables you to approve or disapprove every photo entry to make sure nothing inappropriate appears on your contest.

Automated Sharing

When participants enter your Wishpond Photo Contest, a story is automatically shared to their Facebook timeline, asking their friends to vote for them. This makes your contest grow automatically by leveraging your existing network to gain tons of new potential customers.

Mobile Compatible

Wishpond automatically creates a mobile version of your Photo Contest. We give you a link to share that detects if a visitor is on a mobile phone and it automatically directs them to the mobile version. If a user visits the Photo Contest on your website, it will display and work just the same.
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